city of eufaula police department

Police Responsibilities

The Eufaula Police Department is responsible for:

●     Protecting the citizens of Eufaula from crime

●     Investigating and apprehending those individuals who are suspected of breaking laws within the City limits

●     Enforcing City ordinances and traffic laws

●     Providing traffic control of the streets and City schools

●     Providing public information and education to the schools, citizen groups and the public about  crime prevention, self-protection and illegal use of narcotics.

Our Mission

The mission of the Eufaula Police Department is to provide the highest level of professional service. Our goal is to partner with the community to enhance the quality of life in the City of Eufaula. The department promotes an attitude of genuine concern and empathy for others.

Individual Organizational Unit Responsibilities

To effectively provide and achieve our goals, the department has been divided into several basic organizational units.

Patrol Division

Investigation Division

Communication Division

Special Operations Division

Corrections Division

Animal Control Division

Records Division

Administrative Division

The Administration Division is responsible for the day-to-day administration of providing law enforcement services to the citizens of Eufaula.  The Administrative Division is comprised of the Chief of Police, a Patrol Captain, Training Officer, Records Clerk and an Administrative Secretary.  Under the leadership of Chief Ralph Conner, the Eufaula Police Department continues to guide the delivery of efficient and effective service to the community through high standards of service delivery and professionalism.  The Administration provides leadership, supervision and review, and updates and evaluates departmental practices and procedures utilizing change-management strategies.

Eufaula Police Department

Contact Information



Chief of Police Ralph Conner  

Administrative Secretary Wanda Crowley

Patrol Captain Steve Watkins

Criminal Investigation:

Division Sgt. Larry Hubbard

Det. Donald Brown       
Det. William Bradley   
Det. Dale Richards      
Det. Robin Wiggins      

SRO/Juvenile Officer:

Detective Bailey Brunson

Eufaula City Schools Liaison Officer:

Captain Carl Wallace   

Special Operations:

Division Sgt. Hunter White

Det. Jason Benefield  
Det. John Phillips       

Det. Ethan Wiggins    


Sgt. Robert Vickers   

Records Division:

Alesha Williams