Revenue / Business License

The mission of the Revenue/Business License Department is to administer the City's revenue ordinances and regulations in an efficient, equitable and professional manner; to provide complete, accurate and timely information and service to taxpayers; and to collect taxes and license fees due the City.

Revenue Discovery Systems

The City collects business license fees and various taxes such as gas tax and lodging tax. Revenue Discovery Systems (RDS) is the sales tax administrator for the City. RDS works with hundreds of local and state governments in several states providing taxpayer services. RDS can answer any of your questions concerning sales tax issues and payments. You may reach them by phone 800-556-7274 or Avenu website.

License Requirements

Business Licensing requirements and fees vary based upon your type business. Some licenses require state certification and/or bonds.



If you have any questions regarding a business license please contact our office between the hours of 7:30 am and 5 pm Monday through Thursday, and 8 am and noon on Friday. Our office is located at 205 E Barbour Street. If You Need Assistance Please Contact Darlene Bush, Business License Specialist, 334-688-2007.

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