Yoholo Micco, the Creek Indian Trail

In 2010, Eufaula completed Phase II of its Rails to Trails project. Phase I saw an abandoned rail turned into a mile of a beautiful walking trail. Phase II added an additional one and one-half miles of the walking trail.

Trail Origin Name

The trail is named for Chief Yoholo Micco, the Creek Indian leader of Eufaula Town who was driven from this area with his people in 1836. They followed the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma and settled. He is commonly referred to as Chief Eufaula.

Trail Location

The trail begins downtown with the trailhead in front of the Eufaula/Barbour County Chamber of Commerce winding along and then crossing Lake Eufaula on the old railroad trestle, through residential areas and ending at Old Creek Town, the site of an old Indian village. The surface of the main trail is paved making it perfect for hikers, runners, and bicyclists.

Nature Trails

Several nature trails have been created off the main trail. One of them takes you through an old hardwood forest to a beautiful waterfall. Another trail leads you to the historic Fairview Cemetery. A park known as "Treehugger Park" has been created where people can enjoy a picnic.